Save with Solar in Bribie Island

Solar energy is the cleanest, greenest and most cost-effective source of renewable energy available to power your home or office. When you install solar panels in Bribie Island, you’ll be getting a double benefit. You can save plenty of money on your power bill, but you’ll also be part of Australia’s green revolution and doing your bit for the planet. Climate change has never been a more important matter to Australians, and going solar is your chance to make a difference.

At AHLEC Solar we specialise in Bribie Island solar installations. We analyse your household’s energy usage to come up with the most cost-effective solar package. With AHLEC, you’ll never pay more than you need to.Our reputation is built on great service and the best products at affordable prices. That’s why we’ve grown to be the preferred solar installer in Bribie Island, as well as areas nearby like Donnybrook, Toorbul and Sandstone Point. But don’t take our word for it – with a 5-star Google review rating, you can hear what our satisfied customers say about AHLEC Solar’s amazing service!

On-Grid solar systems in Bribie Island allows your home to run on clean energy from the sun, while still providing you with power from the main grid at night or when the sun isn’t shining. If you generate more solar energy than you use, the excess is sold back to the main electricity grid and you receive a credit against the power you do use. How great is it to save money, and the planet at the same time?

Call us today for the best solar energy Bribie Island has to offer – 1800 66 08 74 or email [email protected].

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Latest Technology

Ahlec Solar only deals with the best solar panel and battery storage suppliers on the market. Our expert team understands the technology, and we can recommend the perfect solar installation for your unique needs and budget. We understand that solar installation is an investment for your family and the future. That’s why our solar systems and lithium battery storage solutions include the latest technology which is built to last.

We don’t make assumptions about your energy use. We carefully analyse previous usage, including the times of day you use power, and develop a tailored package just for you. By choosing the best solar panels in Bribie Island, your family will enjoy a maximum return on investment as well as monthly electricity savings.

Some of the incredible providers we partner with are the best in the business:

  • SolarEdge
  • Fronius
  • SunGrow
  • Risen
  • Phono
  • LG
  • REC

Free Consultation

A free consultation with AHLEC Solar can get you on the right track for your solar installation in Bribie Island, Donnybrook, Toorbul or Sandstone Point.We offer a free of charge, no obligation on-site consultation, where we analyse your energy usage habits, size of your home, and overall energy consumption. This helps us determine the most cost-effective solar system for your family’s needs. If you prefer, call us for a phone consultation.

Return on Investment of up to 30%

With the generous feed in tariffs and discounts currently available from energy retailers, your return on investment can be greater than 30%. We can gladly verify this with you during your on-site Bribie Island solar consultation and follow up with email and documentation. We hope this can give you greater flexibility in managing your power usage, and giving you control over your electricity bills. We also estimate that most solar energy systems pay for themselves in around 3 years. After that, the profits are all yours!

Bribie Island solar panel

Our Latest Solar Systems

Selectronic SP Pro 482 + Fronius Primo 8.2kW + Power plus batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m


Selectronic SP Pro 482 + Fronius Primo 8.2kW + Power plus Lithium batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m Off grid solar system

✓ System size: 9.62kW  PV array & a 24kWh Lithium battery bank

✓ 26 x Longi 370w HI MO4m solar panels (9.62kW solar array)

✓ 1 x Fronius Primo 8.2kW solar inverter (Austrian made)

✓ 1 x Selectronic SP Pro 482 7.5kW inverter charger (Australian made)

✓ 1 x Selectronic Select Live unit (Australian made)

✓ 1 x PowerPlus Eco series 24kWh Lithium battery bank (Australian made)

✓ Total customer outlay

Selectronic SP Pro 481 + Fronius Primo 5kW + Power plus batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m


Fronius Primo 5kW + Selectronic SP Pro + Power plus Lithium batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m

Off Grid Solar System

✓ System size: 6.6kW  PV array & a 16kWh Lithium battery bank

18 x Longi 370w HI MO4m solar panels (6.66kW solar array)

1 x Fronius Primo 5kW solar inverter (Austrian made)

1 x Selectronic SP Pro 481 5kW inverter charger (Australian made)

1 x Selectronic Select Live unit (Australian made) 

1 x PowerPlus Eco series 16kWh Lithium battery bank (Australian made)

Total customer outlay

Locals we’ve helped

Customer service at its very very best!!
This is a saga but bear with me as this is customer and after sales service at its very very best!

My solar journey began with 3 quotes. Ahlec’s wasn’t the cheapest..or the dearest,
but I knew from meeting Austin that I wouldn’t go wrong getting him to install my system.
He was patient, explained what would happen, how it all worked and he assured me he would be there
through the whole process and beyond. I accepted his quote.

Solar was installed. There were no problems. Everything was working correctly
and being monitored remotely by Austin to ensure everything was working as it should.

Austin asked me to contact him when my first electricity bill arrived so he could go through it with me and explain the details.

When it finally arrived I was flabbergasted as it was DOUBLE any I had received in the past.
There was something wrong and after seeing it Austin agreed.

On calling my supplier, I was told the problem was the solar system as there was nothing wrong with the meter.
I had no satisfaction from them and due to my own ignorance couldn’t argue the case.

At this point Austin asked me to add his name to my energy bill with my supplier so he could deal with them on my behalf.
You cannot imagine how relieved I was at this, as my experiences with my supplier had been really demoralizing.

From this point Austin took over all communication with my supplier.
They continued to insist it was a problem with the solar and not the meter as they said they had checked that.
As it turned out they had only checked the meter remotely and hadn’t sent anyone to physically check it.
Austin sent Andy to have a look and surprise! surprise! Andy found that the meter had been wired incorrectly
when it had been installed and all the solar that I was generating was being billed to me as useage!
Andy took pictures of the mistake. These were forwarded to the supplier to illustrate the error.

It took many calls by Austin to reach anyone with authority and slowly my problem did climb the chain
but the process was so slow Austin finally involved the energy ombudsman. Once they were involved
things moved faster until finally, after over a year of trying to resolve the issue, the wiring was corrected and
my supplier agreed to review all my bills and reissue them with some ‘credit’ for the inconvenience that had been caused.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Austin and his team for their care and support through this whole process.

All I can do is post this review to inform everyone who is looking for an honest supportive solar company,
to look no further…………you have found who you are looking for.

Alice, Bribie Island