Spotlight on SMA Inverters

The German manufacturer SMA launched in 1981 and is one of the most established inverter manufacturers. The advantage for Australians is the strong presence SMA inverters have in the country giving consumers confidence should a warranty claim. SMA solar inverters are at the high end of the market when it comes to cost but their…

Sungrow Inverter Overview

Sungrow is a Chinese inverter manufacturer that was established back in 1997 so have now been operating, as I write this for 22 years which is no mean feat in this industry. They have a good track record with their inverters and are our preferred Chinese brand of inverter as they are a solid performer which we have found to be very reliable. If cost is a concern for you when installing a solar PV system then this is a brand that will serve you well. There Crystal single phase inverter that was redesigned recently, where they refitted the screen back on the inverter which was a welcome change we felt.

fronius inverter on the wall

Fronius Inverter Overview

Fronius inverters have really taken a leap in the last few years and they have become a real favourite of ours when installing any residential or commercial string inverter. There quality is second to none and there staying power has long been proven with the company originally founded in 1945 in Austria. There reliability and quality shines through along with a great monitoring portal enabling customers to keep an eye on their solar systems performance. The cost of the inverters is higher than other brands but we definitely feel you do get your monies worth in this instance, it is a worthwhile investment when installing a solar system.