Solar is the perfect investment for Industrial Sheds, Retail Property & Commercial Units

How will solar work for my business?

Okay, so do you own and run a business here in Australia? This alone is a fantastic achievement but maybe you are thinking is Solar right for me and my business? Well we have some benefits below to show you how Solar will not only work for you, but as an environmentally conscious business owner, there are massive incentives in place to make things extremely attractive for you. Act now and save yourself money immediately.

Are there rebates available for Solar PV installation?
Yes, at the moment there are rebates available for Solar PV installations. This comes in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates that are created at the time of installation and based on the size of solar system that you have installed. As I write this a 20kW system will have a rebate of around $12,000 attached to it which Massively reduces the outlay required for a new Solar system. The certificates you can assign over to your installation company and they will discount your system and handle all of the paperwork for you.

Is Solar right for my business?

This is a resounding yes as most businesses unlike homes operate within daylight hours which means that as you get up and start working this is normally when your solar system will be producing electricity for you. This means that most solar systems for businesses achieve a maximum ROI as they directly consume what they create.

What tax incentives are there for businesses installing solar PV?
At the moment, any small business that is with a turnover of less than $2 million can claim immediate tax deductions on any purchases below $20,000 rather than have the tax deductions spread over multiple years which is a huge additional incentive.

Are there Feed in Tariffs available for energy sent to the grid?
Yes, there are indeed Feed in tariffs available these do vary between retailers at the moment here in Queensland with prices on average ranging between 11 cents and 14 cents per kW that you feed into the grid.

How can I find out what system size would work for me?
We don’t need a vast amount of information and most times if you let us have a look at your bill we can easily create an estimate of costs and savings in no time at all for you.

Still got some questions about how Solar Energy can work for your business?