Fronius inverters have really taken a leap in the last few years and they have become a real favourite of ours when installing any residential or commercial string inverter. Their quality is second to none and their staying power has long been proven with the company originally founded in 1945 in Austria. Their reliability and quality shine through along with a great monitoring portal enabling customers to keep an eye on their solar system’s performance. The cost of the inverters is higher than other brands but we definitely feel you do get a quality performer with these units, it really is money well spent when installing a new solar system.

Fronius standard monitoring

As with all inverters that monitor your system you can view either with a web browser online or you can use the Fronius app for monitoring too. To utilise this then it will require a working Wi-Fi connection in range of the inverter. This can as with all systems on occasion present a problem with modems installed at one end of your house and the inverter at the other end with no hope of connection. This can normally be rectified with the easy addition of a Wi-Fi extender box that can bridge the gap to the inverter as well as giving you more internet coverage in your home at the same time, which can sometimes be a nice added bonus.

Fronius also have the option of adding a smart meter which comes in both single and three phase options. The standard Fronius monitoring portal will always show what your solar PV system is creating, but with the addition of the smart meter your portals appearance will change to include your consumption as well as what you are producing which can be invaluable tool. We do see that this added information does alter people’s habits with their consumption allowing you to change your consumption to fit with your solar production.

Fronius monitoring with smart meter
Fronius Gen24 Primo hybrid
Fronius GEN24 Symo

Fronius have now also added the Gen 24 Hybrid inverters to their range which is available in the Primo (single phase) and Symo (three phase) which is a great move. The batteries are also of a higher voltage and the BYD Lithium batteries are compatible with all of these units.

Fronius Solar Inverters