Selectronic SP Pro 481 + Fronius Primo 5kW + Power plus Batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m


Fronius Primo 5kW + Selectronic SP Pro + Power plus Lithium batteries + Longi 370 HI MO4m

Off Grid Solar System

✓ System size: 6.6kW  PV array & a 16kWh Lithium battery bank

18 x Longi 370w HI MO4m solar panels (6.66kW solar array)

1 x Fronius Primo 5kW solar inverter (Austrian made)

1 x Selectronic SP Pro 481 5kW inverter charger (Australian made)

1 x Selectronic Select Live unit (Australian made) 

1 x PowerPlus Eco series 16kWh Lithium battery bank (Australian made)

Total customer outlay

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Are you searching for a stand-alone, Off Grid Solar power system? 

AHLEC can design and install a high quality system with our in-depth knowledge and advanced technology that will let you enjoy reliable, clean power and free you from the electricity grid for many years to come.

✓ Say no to the grid and generate your own power
✓ Custom designer systems for your property
✓ Improve the value of your property
✓ Reduce your carbon footprint

The installation of solar energy is the greenest, most economic and cleanest source of renewable energy generated electricity available. When you move to off grid you will be self-sufficient and not reliant on power companies. You will also reduce your carbon emissions, but you will also become a member of Australia’s clean energy revolution.

With the ever-changing and rapidly developing technology linked to battery use, we ensure that our business is compliant with up to date regulations and new developments in this industry so that we can provide the most efficient system for the most cost effective price.

Free Consultation

AHLEC Solar is a local, family owned and operated electrical contracting business with over 35 years’ experience in this area of expertise. Our fully qualified and professional team is headed by Andy and Sam and includes Electricians, Technicians and Electrical Engineers and other skilled personnel – all of whom share a similar enthusiasm for renewable energy solutions.

We offer complete solutions that we tailor to our Client’s needs and their level of investment. We look forward to talking with you about how we can expand your options using renewable energy products and lower your electricity costs.

You can arrange a free consultation by calling 1800 66 08 74


Eco P Series Lithium Battery