Lower your energy bills and solar system costs while improving your return on investment with REC’s higher efficiency and higher power solar panels – all eligible for the 25-year REC ProTrust comprehensive warranty package, available exclusively from your local REC Certified Solar Professional solar power installer.

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For Home

Choosing the setup that’s perfect for you depends on a variety of variables. Accessible space, potential savings, energy autonomy, and of course, the way they look, will all play a part. Fortunately, whatever the circumstances, our high-quality, high-powered items – like the award-winning REC Alpha – mean that we have a solar panel that’s right for you. Take a look at our families of solar panels for homes to find a setup that will work for you.

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For Business

When you decide to invest in a solar installation for your company, naturally return on investment and choose a reliable supplier will be the top priority. REC provides premium solar panels that are suitable for commercial rooftops and other industrial installations (e.g. farms), combining high power with renowned high quality, so that you can reap higher returns in the long term. With a range of technologies and sizes available, REC has a solar panel for you.


For Power Plants

As a solar investor or EPC, you want to be confident of the durability of the solar panels and their suppliers. REC’s proven premium solar panel quality and durability give you greater peace of mind that your solar power plant can run efficiently and produce high power production for many years to come. Browse our collection of utilities solar panels.

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