Are you considering solar for your home?

✓ Save money on your energy bill
✓ Improve the value of your property
✓ Reduce your carbon footprint

The installation of solar energy is the greenest, the most economic and cleanest source of renewable energy generated electricity available to power your business, office or home. When you install solar panels, you will not only reduce your electricity bill costs, and your carbon emissions, but you will also become a member of Australia’s clean energy revolution.

Solar On-Grid systems tie into your existing electricity supply, ensuring that you always have the power you need, regardless of the time of day or night, or the weather conditions.

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Free Consultation

Consult with our helpful AHLEC team who can give you advice and recommendations as to the most suitable installation that will help to decrease your ever increasing energy costs and increase the value of your property. AHLEC offer a free of charge, no obligation site consultation, to determine the most suitable and cost effective system dependent on a number of factors, such as size of building, times of usage and the overall energy consumption. If you prefer call us for a phone consultation.

Return on Investment of up to 30%

In many cases, the return on your investment could be as great as 30%, which we can verify with an on-site consultation and follow up email and documentation. The warranty period we provide is a secure 12 month period, unless otherwise stated, with inverters and solar panel manufacturers providing their own product guarantees spanning from 5 to 25 years.

Call 1800 66 08 74 to arrange a free home visit and quote


New Solaredge HD wave 6kW inverter and Longi 300 watt Mono Perc 7.5kW solar system

7.5kW Solaredge HD Wave + Longi Mono Perc Solar System


Solaredge HD wave 6kW inverter + Longi 370 watt Mono Perc Half Cell Black frame 7.77kW solar system

System size: 7.77kW

✓ 21 x Longi 370 watt Mono Perc Half Cell Black frame solar panels
✓ 21 x Solaredge P370 optimizers
✓ 1 x Solaredge HD Wave 6kW inverter
✓ 1 x energy meter which enables full PV power and household consumption

New Solaredge HD wave 5kW inverter and Longi 300 watt Mono Perc 6.6kW solar system

6.6kW Solaredge HD wave + Longi 370w Hi MO4m Solar System


Solaredge HD wave 5kW inverter + Longi 370 watt Mono Perc Half Cell Black frame 6.6kW solar system

System size: 6.660kW

✓ 18 x Longi 370 watt Mono Perc Half cell Black frame solar panels
✓ 18 x Solaredge P370 optimizers
✓ 1 x Solaredge HD Wave 5kW inverter

fronius inverter and longi solar system

6.6kW Fronius Primo + Longi Mono Perc Solar System


Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter + Longi 315 Watt Mono Perc 6.6kW Solar System

System size: 6.6kW

This is just one of the many solar packages we offer. As a local, family business, our customers mean everything to AHLEC. We are passionate about providing the world’s best solar systems along with a commitment to innovations, quality and first class service. From the initial consultation, we will design and install a bespoke solar system that is specifically based on the energy consumption of your household.

✓ 21 x Longi 315 watt Mono Perc Half Cell solar panels
✓ 1 x Fronius Primo 5kW solar inverter

Call us on 1800 66 08 74 or drop us an email.

fronius primo and phono 6.6kw solar system

6.6kW Fronius Primo + Phono Solar System


Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter + Phono 275 Watt Poly 6.6kW Solar System

Our ultimate solar package is perfect for homeowners looking for the best solar investment returns. Call our team on 1800 66 08 74 for a free consultation in your home or order online.

Established for more than 35 years, AHLEC are the installation experts for On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar for hundreds of homeowners and businesses throughout Queensland, providing a customised range of innovative off-grid and on-grid solar solutions.

✓ System Size: 6.6kW
✓ 24 x Phono 275 Watt Poly Solar Panels
✓ 1 x Fronius Primo 5kW Solar Inverter

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Powering the Sunshine Coast with Solar

Discover how a AHLEC Solar system can pay for itself in as little as three years!

✓ Ahlec Solar Only offers World class Products

At Ahlec solar we only offer quality solar components from Tier 1 manufacturers who have an eztablished Australian business subsidary. This ensures that any service and support is handled locally, rather than from overseas. Based on our own experience in house as well as third party testing, we can confidently recommend products which will continue to perform at a consistently high level. This will help towards maximising your electricity savings and return on investment well into the future.

✓ Our Panels and why

Ahlec Solar has a long history within the Solar and Electrical industry and will only ever supply Tier 1 world class products. These are products that we use and test ourselves which are proven to perform and are built to last in Australian conditions. We use our experience and insight to seek out inferior panels so that we only select proven technology for our customers including LG, Qcell, REC and Risen.

✓ Our solar inverters are made to last

A Solar inverter of quality is an essential part of your Solar PV system. At the very centre of your system the inverter converts the DC power created by your solar panels to the AC power that you require for use within your home.

Ahlec Solar will only supply inverters that we have researched, tried and tested. They are supplied by world leading Tier 1 companies that we have been working with over many years and are proven to work within the Australian climate. All of our inverters come with a minimum of a 5 year warranty and the companies have a presence here within Australia. Our inverters that we use include SMA, Fronius, Solaredge, Zeversolar and Sungrow.

✓ Access to the latest Technologies

Ahlec Solar has its finger on the pulse of the latest technology within the Solar and battery storage market place as well as the experience to guide you to the Solar and battery system that will suit your personal needs which is essential for you the customer. Our Power stations and battery systems include the latest Lithium battery storage technologies from companies including LG and BYD.

✓ We will always customise your Solar and Battery storage system to suit you

Each customer is an individual who has individual needs when it comes to energy requirements, this is something we understand completely and is at the very heart of how we do business.  Each customers usage will be assessed with a system then designed that will be tailored to your personal needs. This means that your investment will give you a maximum return on your investment along with savings on your electricity usage.

roof solar energy panel against a blue sky

How much could you save on your energy bill?

Complete this form and we’ll send you a free personalised solar report on how much you will save on your bill, your payback period and return on investment!

    Your local solar guys

    AHLEC Pty Ltd is local, family owned and operated electrical contracting business with over 35 years’ experience in this area of expertise. Our fully qualified and professional team is headed by Andrew and Sam, and includes Electricians, Technicians and Electrical Engineers and other skilled personnel – all of whom share a similar enthusiasm for renewable energy solutions.

    We offer complete solutions that we tailor to our Client’s needs and their level of investment. We look forward to talking with you about how we can expand your options using renewable energy products and lower your electricity costs.

    Do you want to…

    ✓ Reduce your power bill
    ✓ Add value to your property
    ✓ Help the environment
    ✓ Secure a great investment

    The AHLEC difference…

    ✓ Superior quality panels and parts
    ✓ Highly trained electricians
    ✓ We are a local family owned and operated
    ✓ We’re in our 10th year of servicing the Sunny Coast

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    Free Consultation

    One friendly and knowledgable solar specialists will arrange an on-site visit

    Free Quote

    We’ll provide you with a no obligation fixed quote, which includes potential savings.


    Our highly trained electrical technicians will install your new system.

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