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Sungrow is a quality Chinese solar inverter manufacturer that was established back in 1997 so has now been operating for 24 years which is no mean feat in this industry. They have a good track record with their inverters and are our preferred Chinese brand of inverters as they are a solid performer which we have found to be very reliable. If cost is a concern for you when installing a solar PV system then this is a brand that will serve you well. There Crystal Premium single-phase inverter that was redesigned recently to include a DC isolator which removes the need for additional DC isolators to be installed next to the inverter, they have also kept the screen on the inverter when many others are removing theirs. Their Crystal Premium single phase inverter range also does go right up to the Premium 8kW inverter which is great for those of you who require that little bit extra on your roof to handle those hot summer days. The 8kW unit was a welcome addition not so long ago and has been a unit that has fitted into the market just perfectly.

Sungrow solar inverter

When you fit the larger single-phase units you will normally require the Sungrow energy meter too as your grid supplier will require that you limit your export to the grid which the energy meter allows you to do. The real positive with the energy meter is that it also allows you to monitor your consumption too and we find that this does enable you to adapt your consumption to your solar production, this information is a real bonus. Sungrow have also changed their warranty on these inverters so they now come with a 10 year warranty as standard which is fantastic news.

How to reconfigure your Sungrow Wi-Fi connection video. You may have to turn off the annoying music with this one but it should help if you have changed your Wi-Fi connection or password.

Pros of the Sungrow Inverter Systems

All of Sungrow inverter systems are available with a portal for monitoring your system via a web browser or indeed their own app (isolarcloud) this portal has really been updated a lot and does now offer the complete monitoring package for your solar system. As with all monitoring systems this can only work well if you have a good Wi-Fi connection that is close by, if you do not or it is at the extremes of the Wi-Fi range then you may well need a Wi-Fi extender to boost the local signal.

Sungrow also offer a single phase Hybrid solar inverter that again has been a solid performer and works with many battery systems including LG Chem RESU, BYD batteries and the Samsung lithium ion battery to name but a few. They have now also added to the list a range of three phase Hybrid inverters which we are delighted to offer too.


Sungrow also has in their range have a new three phase inverter range for that large residential home or indeed your commercial operation, they also excel in this space with huge experience in the commercial solar space as well as solar farms.

Sungrow Crystal Premium 2020 - Arc Fault

Sungrow Crystal Premium 2020

Sungrow Crystal Premium 2020 - DC isolator

Sungrow Crystal Premium 2020

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